Recent Work

  • Yeast and Neurodegenerative Disease Research
    Yeast and Neurodegenerative Disease Research
    Did you know that yeast cells can be used to study diseases in other more complex cells? The single-celled fungus allows researchers to study Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS and other brain diseases with unparalleled speed and scale. Yeast cells are particularly valuable because they grow rapidly, are inexpensive...
  • Bacteriophages
    Bacteria-infecting viruses, or bacteriophages look like they were created for a sci-fi movie, but they really are naturally occurring viruses that selectively target and kill specific bacterial strains and are harmless to humans, animals, and plants. There are more bacteriophages on the planet that any other organism,...
  • Suicide Risk Illustration
    Neurobiological Pathways Linked to Suicide Risk
    Scientists have identified several key neurobiological pathways with ties to suicidal behaviors. Research in the field addresses only a fraction of the complexity of this serious public health problem, and the literature on the topic is complicated by variation in study design, but the clues point to...

Latest Posts

  • Lark Chalk DrawingEsophagogastric Fundoplication © Lisa A. Clark |
    Making Murals
    I was recently given the opportunity to work in an unusual media — a large scale chalk mural at Lark on the Park restaurant in Dallas. Lark has a great interior design concept, plus some seriously amazing food. The restaurant walls are covered with blackboards and each...
  • Coronary Artery Stent © Lisa Clark
    Did You “Photoshop” That?
    I’m often asked whether I draw by hand or use Photoshop. The answer is simply that I draw – sometimes on the computer and sometimes on paper. Photoshop is just another tool to put marks on paper, or in this case, pixels on the screen. I use a...
  • Cervical Ripening Balloon for Labor Induction
    How do I begin a medical illustration project?
    The first thing we do when contacted about a project is arrange a time to talk through the details with our client. Usually this is a phone conversation or email, but sometimes we’ll meet face-to-face. We ask about the project, how the illustrations will be used, what...