I was recently given the opportunity to work in an unusual media — a large scale chalk mural at Lark on the Park restaurant in Dallas. Lark has a great interior design concept, plus some seriously amazing food.

The restaurant walls are covered with blackboards and each quarter artists are selected to create large-scale chalk drawings. I was thrilled to be asked to do this, but also intimidated by the size and media. Could I pull this off?

I wrote in a previous post, Why I Do What I Do, that life drawing is the reason I got into the field of medical illustration in the first place. The sketch I submitted was about getting back to my artistic roots of life drawing and stepping out of my comfort zone.

The installation day had a few tiny hiccups, but all in all it went well. It was exhilarating to pull off such a huge illustration.

Here’s to trying new things in 2014!

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